Barry's Bits

Barry’s Bits

For the second week of Barry’s bits I spent some time with a Mary Berry getting some nutritional advice for you all.

So we all spend time planning our pre race fuelling, our on board race nutrition but how many of you think about what to eat immediately after a race or training session – Clue it’s not Pizza or Chips!

Eating well post exercise is vital for effective recovery and to build strength. This is my recipe for a recovery shake that is enough for two people.

1. A Bannana or two if it’s been tough!
2. Selection of fresh mixed fruit or use frozen mixed fruit.
3. Handful of mixed nuts
4. Almond boost
5. Table spoon of chai seeds
6. Big squeeze of lemon
6. Sprinkle of flak seeds
7. handful of oats
8. Handful of raisins
9. Greek Yogurt + Almond milk or splash of water
10. cinnamon and ginger
11. Teaspoon of peanut butter
12. Secret ingredient – I can’t give everything away 😂

Chuck it all in a blender or Nutri Bullet.


This is packed with protein to repair and build muscle and carbs for energy as well as loads of other clever good stuff!!!!

You can make these with whatever fruits you like add leave out other stuff to suit! If your busy then make it before a session and leave in the fridge.

Try to drink this within 1 hour of finishing a session as this is when your body is most receptive to absorbing the nutrients.

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