Club Sessions

So, whats happening this week 26th Oct – 1st Nov
Monday 6am Swimming at the Meres, Coach – Chris Pugh. Please come ready with your masks on… and your swimming cossy
Thursday Running – No official runs planned as yet but please look out for posts. Any volunteers are always welcome
Saturday 7am Swimming at the Meres, Coach – Annthea Fryer. Please note that this session is only 45 mins (this is only a temporary measure hopefully) please be at the Meres by 6.50am for 7am start.
Sunday 9am Social Ride, Social Navigator – Ove Andresen. Please see post later as we need to know exact numbers of who is coming, there has been a really positive turn out recently so we need to know if you plan to come please
Meres Message and Swim formalities:
– You must be pre booked on for swimming now, if you turn up and not booked on unfortunately we will not be able to accommodate you and you will be turned away.
Few pointers below for the new Meres instructions.
– Please turn up with your kit already on as you are not allowed to the changing rooms to start with
– When queuing outside, please use the blue lines that the Meres has set up -these are separated by 2m gaps
– One way system in place, entrance to the Meres – you will then go left and up the stairs – follow the blue arrows all the way around to the pool.
– One way system around the pool too.
– Once finished promptly exit the pool to the changing rooms
– If you have a temperature of more than 38C do not come to any training session. If in doubt check your temperature before you set off for training. We would advise that you then phone NHS 111 for advice.
– If you have symptoms of an acute respiratory illness (illnesses to do with your lungs and breathing) please do not come to a training session. We would advise that you then phone NHS 111 for advice.
–  If you have come into close contact with someone who is known to have the virus please stay at home and call NHS 111 for advice.
–  If you have recently returned from a high risk region or country you may need to self isolate. When returning to the UK please click the link below to check the risk status of the country you have travelled to. Advice changes all the time so make sure you are up to date.…/coronavirus-covid-19-information… Currently there are two levels of risk.
– Very high risk countries require you to self isolate even if you have no symptoms of illness.
– Less risky areas of infection will require you to only self-isolate if you display symptoms of illness within 14 days of returning.